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  • Career C-store Professional with Excellent Balance of Marketing Management and Operations Experience
  • Candidate ID:
  • Candidate Information

    Relevant Experience – 25 years

    • 3 years: Mass Merchandiser / C-store chain – Category Management
    • 5 years: Senior Category Management in nearly every category for one of the country’s largest C-store chains.
    • 18 years: Major Oil retail operations, category management, merchandising, and marketing

    Noteworthy Accomplishments

    • Complete redesign of company c-stores and new design for NTI sites has resulted in sales improvements of 300% above company average for non-improved sites. This includes layout, equipment selection, floor to ceiling color makeover, exterior, and flexibility for future food service expansion.
    • 50% improvement in food and other consumables sales due to effective vendor negotiations, product assortment and improved space allocation.
    • Private label product assortment and supply sourcing has resulted in a 42% share of total sales of consumables. This includes soup, sandwiches, candy, nuts, seasonal, cookies / crackers, etc.

    Special Contributions

    • Developed and conducted the training for all food service category management, as well as training for all other category managers and associate buyers on the team.
    • Directed global supply chain management training with regards to inventory levels (retail) and SLAs (service level agreements), rolled out nationally and internationally.

    Other Notes

    • Civil Engineering Degree
    • Experienced with IRI, Nielsen, PDI, Radiant, Business Object, Oracle
    • ServSafe certification – current
    • Top corporate award for most significant positive impact to company (major oil). This is only awarded to one person in the whole company each year.
    • Community involvement includes Toys for Tots, church golf fundraiser, Children’s Miracle Network


    • Compensation expectations in line with Senior Category Managers
    • Currently employed. Available with customary professional notice
    • Very flexible relocation.
  • Category
    Category Management - Retailer
  • Contact
    Contact Us Regarding Candidate # 27101Email: Klaus Kokott


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    “Now that everyone is settled in, I have a few minutes to say thank you for your assistance in helping me land this position. Prior to my job search, I had never worked with recruiters and didn’t think I would ever need to. As you know, I had my resume with several other companies, but I’m glad your posting worked out for me. For starters, your description of the company, the hiring manager (now my VP), the pay plan and the area were so correct. This really helped us in deciding to pursue this opportunity and was especially helpful when we moved here. It was as we expected (hoped) it to be.

    Thank you so much!

    Wholesale Fuel Manager, Midwest Fuel Wholesaler / Distributor

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    "Klaus carefully orchestrated an action plan geared to differentiating my unique talents from the rest of the crowd. He readily made himself available to offer guidance and conduct thorough mock interviews designed to bring out my personal strengths and value to the hiring company. His focused approach not only helped prepare me for the interview process, but gave me the confidence that I was the right person for the job. Klaus is a top notch recruiter committed to strategically preparing clients for positions he has deemed are a strong fit. He truly cares about the success of his clients and the contributions they will make to the organization."

    Category Manager, Southwest US Retail Company

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    Fred - President/CEO - Retailer - East Coast

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    Having been a part of the recruitment process on both sides of the table I can definitely say that my experience with Kokott, Wood & Associates was a privilege. From the initial stage of describing the role & the company to the final negotiation stage - Kokott, Wood & Associates made sure all parties were well aware of the situation at hand. There wasn't one point in the process where I wondered where things stood and what next step(s) needed to take place. Their ability to communicate their client's expectations, company culture, and need(s) for the role could not have been better. It was a pleasure working with Kokott, Wood, & Associates, and I would highly recommend working with their professional team. I look forward to the next time I deal with them as a client.

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